Review on 369 Diabetic Recipes – Does It Really Work or is it a scam?

There are some diseases or sicknesses that one wishes never to contract because when you contact them, your entire will change and you will start living a restricted life. One of those sicknesses is Diabetes.  For those who do not know what is diabetes and why people suffer from it, Diabetes is a deadly disease and it is caused by the inability of the body to produce enough quantity of insulin that regulates the sugar level in the body.

Battling with Diabetes of any type is very traumatizing because you do not get to every kind of food that passes your way. You will be made to eat foods that have little or no sugar in it. Most times these foods are not palatable at all, but you just have to eat them, so that your life span will be elongated. That does not sound nice, right?

But, here is what sounds nice, this book 369 Diabetic Recipes which I am about to review, has a perfect solution to your diabetic issue. Do you have Diabetes or some close to you is battling it, you have to find a comfortable to the seat, grab a glass of water, and read this review thoroughly. This review will give you all the information you will need as regards the 369 Diabetic Recipes.     

Who is the author of 369 Diabetic Recipes?

The author of this awesome book is James Freeman. James Freeman is a man of about 40 years old, who loves cooking, and this skill largely contributed to him knowing about different kinds of recipes for diabetic patients. Also, he is married to a very lovely and supportive woman, Alice who assisted him to design this book. So, we can deduce that James Freeman is a happily married man. But that is not all about James Freeman.

This wonderful man is a scientific researcher. For over 2 years, he has spent his time researching the perfect meal plan for Diabetes. So, when you purchase this book and read it, be rest assured that the book is a product of extensive research, and not just anyhow book.

Again, James Freeman is a degree holder in Public Health and has worked for a food company as a healthy food consultant. He has completed 3 cooking courses from 3 different countries. So, you can agree with me that his cooking skills are top-notch, second to none.

What 369 Diabetic Recipes by James Freeman is all about.

369 Diabetic Recipes is a book that offers you varieties of food recipes you can infuse in your meal plan that will help you to fight Diabetes. With this book, you no longer have to worry about eating tasteless foods because of your diabetic condition. This book contains food recipes that are tasty and delicious. You do not have to be scared about anything because these recipes will not in any way cause your condition to escalate.  The book shows you how to still enjoy your meals without misbalancing your sugar level.

The recipes recommended in this book are very healthy ones that will greatly help to stabilize your sugar level. Because they are tasty and delicious do not mean that they contain a high quantity of sugar that will cause your sugar to increase or drop drastically. The author as a nutritionist and healthy food expert carefully and thoroughly researched these recipes before putting it out to the public.  

The interesting part is that everyone can adopt these healthy recipes; whether you are diabetic or not. It is suitable for all and sundry.

 369 Diabetic Recipes by James Freeman and how it works.

This is an e-book and it comes in a PDF format. When you purchase this book, you will find in it 369 tasty and delicious recipes that will help you control your sugar level.

You will need to follow these recipes to the letter so that you would not make the mistake of using a different recipe that will be harmful to your health.

When you have mastered the act of using these recipes, you will realize that you will no longer be going through the trauma of eating tasteless meals every day and you will also have your health back. You will be taught how to cook nutritious meals for yourself and for your family because the recipes are meant, everyone.

This book covers all the food categories ranging from dissert, main meals, breakfast, and salads. So, you are entirely covered. You do not have to stress yourself thinking of what to cook and how to cook it. This book contains everything.

What are the benefits of 369 Diabetic Recipes by James Freeman?

When you purchase this book, you will be given the different cooking methods and techniques that you will have to follow to achieve a healthy lifestyle.

Again, along with this e-book come seven health improvement bonuses. Some of these bonuses are:

Best Diets for Diabetes Collection; this collectionintroduces you to meals you can add to your daily diets as well as guidelines.

Diabetic Superfoods; this contains over 40 tasty and delicious diabetic foods that you can include in your daily nutritional meal plan.

Diabetic Exchange List; this is for diabetic patients and it helps them follow their special diet plan. It provides them with varieties of meals which they can alternate.

Paleo Diet Collection; this collection provides you with Paleo diets that help your blood pressure, weight, and waist region to stabilize.

Furthermore, there is a guide that will help you know the right quantity of protein, carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins, and fats which you will take so as to maintain a healthy and delicious meal plan.

How much does 369 Diabetes Recipes costs?

This e-book costs $27 as against $47 which was its initial worth. So, you can get it as low as $27, which is very cheap and affordable. Since it is an online product, you will have it delivered to your phone instantly as soon as you make your payment.

 369 Diabetes Recipes by James Freeman, hope it is not another scam?

Before anything is said, this e-book has 60 days refund policy. What this means is that, when you purchase the book, there is a 60 days guarantee that allows you to request a refund if you find the book unsatisfying. Now, that does not sound like a scam to me.

Aside from the refund policy, there have been numerous positive reviews about this product from its users. Others who have used this product have come to testify and yours will not be a different case. You too will testify.

To crown it all, the author of this book is an expert at what he does, with vast industry experience. So, he would not want to put his profession and reputation on the line by publishing something that is unconfirmed and untrue. So, take the idea of scam away from your mind, if you want to fully enjoy this product.

Where can one buy 369 Diabetic Recipes?

You can get this e-book via the official website,

The last Verdict

This e-book is the best for you and your family because apart from finding a more comforting way of combating Diabetes, this book provides you an opportunity to change and live a healthy lifestyle. It is not a scam. It has been proven to be true both scientifically and by the users of this product.


  • It has instant accessibility.
  • This book is very cheap.
  • you will get in this book, a series of recipe collections that will help improve your health.
  • it has a 60 days refund policy.
  • it is suitable for everyone, whether you are diabetic or not.
  • As a diabetic patient, this book will give you recipes that are tasty and delicious which is in no way a danger to your health.
  • This book has numerous positive feedbacks.


  • since it is in an electronic form, you will need to have access to the internet to be able to access this product.
  • It is very important that you follow the instructions in this book meticulously so that you would not add recipes that will pose a threat to your health.

Summary: 369 Diabetic Recipes is an amazing cook book. As a person suffering from Diabetes, with this book, you will find more exciting ways to cook your foods and you will no longer have to eat those tasteless foods because you are diabetic. It is not just for diabetic people alone, everybody can use it.

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