Perfect Weight Forever Review

Many people have tried to lose weight, but they have not succeeded. In spite of daily exercises and dieting, they have not achieved their desired weight level.

But all is not lost. After all the attempts and failures, a perfect solution appears to save the day: Perfect Weight Forever is a weight loss program that takes over where dedicated weight loss regimens have failed. It focuses on the main causes of the problem and finds out why you are not losing weight.

The use of weight loss pills and workout sessions become redundant after you use this program. It brings down your weight and changes your perspective about food.

It shows you how to combine food nutrients and how to eat your meals in a way that will cause a loss in weight. It is a program that is natural because it selects the right foods for you, ensuring that you eat well and do not starve while losing weight.

Because of the sheer number of weight loss programs out there vying for people’s attention, it becomes imperative to stay with one (the best one), because the others do not offer speedy solutions, which in turn cause people to try their hands on almost everything out there before landing the proper one.

All you will need to do is follow the rules stated in Perfect Weight Forever, and you will say goodbye to all your weight loss issues, stay healthy, robust and fit for a long time. And as for the constant irritating act of using expensive pointless supplements and guides; it’s gone. So is the need for surgeries of any kind for weight loss; gone as well. Then the one we all love to hate: workouts and exercises: that too is gone with the wind.

Perfect Weight Forever goes straight to the heart of the matter, addressing the actual causes of weight gain and overall body conditions that ail you. This gives it a success rate that is quite high.

But here is a pertinent fact to take note of: If you are stressed out and sleep deprived, you will not lose weight. It’s sad, but a reality nonetheless.

Mental pictures about our self esteem and emotional state also play key roles in our bid to lose weight, or to gain it for that matter. Our eating habits as well; how we view food and rest, are vital too. People suffering from Anorexia face a constant battle with body image and a fear of getting fat. They fear rejection from the general public. Our feelings at any point in time affects how, when and what we eat. This means, unfortunately, that reducing our amount of food intake will not necessarily give us the desired result.

About Perfect Weight Forever

Marisa Peer is a well known therapist who spent time studying how we generate fat and gain weight. It was she who created the system. She was able to make the connection between eating too much and the emotional state and therefore came to the conclusion that if we address the root cause by applying some agents that act as connectors between emotion and food, we might have the answer to the nagging issue of excess weight.

Using hypnosis, Perfect Weight Forever will access your unconscious mind and pin point the real source of the problem. At this point it would be pertinent to note that hypnosis itself is perfectly safe and has been tried and tested as a solution to many psychological challenges that plague man.

Using Hypnosis With Perfect Weight Forever

The best route to our unconscious mind is through hypnosis. It targets our emotions and subjugates it in an attempt to keep our thoughts at bay.

With this in mind, Perfect Weight Forever aids this technique by feeding your unconscious mind with the right audio files and messages so that the root cause of your weight gain can be discovered and solved. At the end, mastery of your emotions vis-a-vis how they affect the way you eat will be restored.

You will find that you will no longer be controlled by food and that constant cravings for food are unnecessary, unnatural and need not be fed any time they arise. The erroneous belief that we must assuage our food cravings has led to excess weight. By feeding our minds with the need to take sugary or sweet foods anytime we feel depressed is how our emotions lay siege to our minds.

About Marisa Peer: The Author

Perfect Weight Forever was created by Marissa Peer, who has been applauded as the greatest British Counsellor by Men’s Wellness Journal. She is an alumna of the Los Angeles Hypnotism Instruction Institute where she garnered a degree in Hypnotherapy. 

Her many years of working with and alongside high profile people in society like Olympians, music stars, etc, span 25. She has authored 4 bestselling books and is a regular feature on radio and television health shows, owing to her much sought-after expertise in the field of hypnosis. She is counted as one of the best therapists out there and received aplomb and the respect of people worldwide.

The Good Points of Perfect Weight Forever

  • Works in conjunction with other trusted methods.
  • Completely renders special weight loss pills and surgeries redundant.
  • Proven technique.
  • Easy access.
  • Vast wealth of knowledge about weight loss is available.
  • Utilizes new and unique weight loss techniques. 
  • Does not involve strict dieting.
  • Removes the need for expensive drugs, equipments or meals.
  • Teaches the relationship between emotion and weight loss.

The Bad Points of Perfect Weight Forever

  • Hypnotic sessions require concentration and attention.
  • One-on-one sessions are limited, being replaced by audio sessions.
  • This unorthodox method of weight loss might not sit well with everyone.

Where Can You Buy Perfect Weight Forever?

Perfect Weight Forever is available on the official website,

In Summary…

The Perfect Weight Forever program’s use with unfamiliar techniques makes it unique. It offers weight loss that lasts long and doesn’t fade in the shortest of time. If this is what you desire, then Perfect Weight Forever is for you.

Marisa is a genius in her field and has earned credibility and respect for herself. You will not be disappointed at the results you will get. We recommend this for everyone, reason being that it focuses on the real causes and root of the issue.

Marisa’s credibility in her field is testament to the fact that she is a genius. This has earned her respect from her colleagues and the world, and places her program right up there for all to see. It addresses the real issues of weight gain and attacks them till the solution is found.

If you don’t want to constantly lose weight and gain double back, then this program is what you need. Leave behind all the depression and lift up your motivation by getting a copy of Perfect Weight Forever


  • It utilizes methods which are trusted.
  • Special weight pills and surgeries are not needed.
  • It is tested and proven.
  • It can be easily accessed.
  • Uses weight loss methods that are new and effective.
  • Does not involve the use of any dieting programs.
  • Teaches the relationship between emotion and weight loss.


  • Strong attention is required to achieve results.
  • Overreliance on audio 
  • Might not sit well with everyone.

To Conclude: 

Perfect Weight Forever is the quintessential weight loss program that takes the time to explain why your weight remains, while at the same time addressing the issue itself all in a short amount of time.

The program completely takes away any need for pills and excessive workf outs which are the hallmarks of other weight loss programs out there. it changes the way you see the foods that you take and keeps your eating portions to the necessary minimum.

Perfect Weight Forever also teaches you how you can in a way that combines food nutrients for effective and noticeable weight loss. It is essentially nature-based and keeps you from starving as you shed those annoying excess weight forever.

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