Patriots Self Defense – To Buy Or Not To Buy?

Our ever-expanding world has brought with it new ideas and technologies, and has made our way of life easier. Advancements in various fields of endeavour have ensured that positive changes to our lives are well received. However, with these good changes and advancements, comes a new threat: Insecurity.

The new age we live in has become even more threatening and less safe to live in than it was before. No technological advancement or manpower is enough to protect everyone. We live in constant threat of life by man, animals, machine and even ourselves. Yes, man himself has proven to be the most dangerous threat out there.

The dangers to our lives have been proven to be from our own kind, making our once serene earth a dangerous place.

Murder, rape, armed robbery, kidnapping and more heinous crimes too grave to even mention here assail our senses in the news everyday, making it imperative that we look to ourselves for protection, demanding that we each learn the art of self defense for our safety.

This is why we offer you the Patriots Self Defense, a product that showcases an excellent self defense guidance and training like no other. This review will show why it is the best tool for personal protection.

What Is The Patriots Self Defense?

The Patriots Self Defense is a course that teaches moves and strategies to apply when threatened by an attacker. It is made up of e-books, videos and illustrations which detail fighting techniques that can help you fight off an attacker in any situation.

On Bruce Perry, The Author

Bruce Perry is a trainer of bodyguards and has been involved in security jobs and in martial arts training for many years. His understanding of threats from assailants is unmatched by non other world over.

He created the program using his years of experience gathered from his various contacts with difficult and dangerous situations which have given him expert knowledge of best reaction times. He is an expert in the field of protection and security.

Bruce knows the best reactions in every situation for he has gathered experience over the years and has therefore become an expert in the field.

The entire course consists of easy to learn skills he picked from fighting techniques from all parts of the world. His experiential narration is easy to follow, and have been shown to be highly effective when put to the test.

An Inside Look At The Patriots Self Defense

The program is delivered in form of e-books and videos. The books are over 200 pages and there are more than 40 videos that provide more information and demonstration on how you can perform various moves and combat skills.

The book is made up of over 200 pages consisting of e-books and over 40 videos which show and tell how various moves and combat skills are performed.

Below are the contents of the entire package:

Part One

This portion of the package is perhaps the most vital because it talks about how you can spot potential threats or attackers. It tells you how you can stay alert and avoid being surprised by a potential attacker.

But should you find yourself under surprise attack, the product tells of how you can fend off such attacks and survive the assault. Contained in this section is a 250-page e-book.

Part Two

This section has videos that show different fighting techniques and moves, demonstrated step-by-step. Each technique can be learned in one day and can even show you how you can fend off more than one attacker at a time.

Most people do not believe fending off an attacker bigger than them is possible, but with this product, it is possible. This part tells you how this can be achieved by inflicting pain on your assailant. Suffice it to say that you are going to have fun going through this part of the package.

Part Three

A detailed examination of the different vulnerable points in the human body is contained in this section. You will be taught nerve nodes, places where you can apply pressure to cause extreme pain and many other skills. These lessons will help you to take quick control of an escalating situation and can be applied with the earlier parts above.

Part 4

A body map showing all the vulnerable spots, bonus tips and combat psychological skills are some of the elements that will be taught in this section. Here, there is a bonus feature that teaches women how they can defend themselves against assailants.

Where To Buy Patriots Self Defense?

Patriots Self Defense is available on the official website,

Final Verdict

To show that this product is not a scam, the very many positive reviews about it show its effectiveness in real life situations. It teaches important skills and techniques with short learning curves. Armed with these skills, you will be able to keep yourself and your entire family safe from attackers and nefarious elements which may seek to harm you.


• No special skill or training is needed, as it is tailor made for anyone and has no prior training; it is appropriate for anyone, no matter their size or age and can be learned in a short period of time.

• Knowing that you can defend yourself and hold your own under any threat of attack is a sure fire way of boosting your confidence, and that is something this product offers quite well. Confidence and faith in the knowledge that you can defeat or beat your attacker is a great way to increase the advantage of escaping an attack.

• Amazing and easy video demonstrations. The quality of the videos shows how easy they are to understand. The step by step demonstration is easy to comprehend. The moves are not complicated and can be followed easily.

• Convenience. From the comfort of your home or from anywhere you deem fit, the entire course can be learned and assimilated. There is no need for any special venue.

• It is affordable. All other self defense lessons are taught in classes and this can be quite expensive as well as inconvenient. However, this product eliminates all that because it is not expensive.

• The training regimen is easy to adopt because it is not demanding. It affords you the opportunity to learn at your own pace.

• Money back guaranteed is assured at full refund. This is certain proof that the Patriots Self Defense is no scam. You are offered 60 days to try out the program and if you are not satisfied within this time period, you can ask for a refund.


• Sadly Misuse is inevitable. It is almost certain that these vital skills will be used to harm others instead of for self defense.

• Digital format is the only available format for this product. There are no hard copies available.

•Constant repetition is needed, as you will not gain mastery over the skills in just one day. Repeated practice with hard work and commitment is necessary.


The Patriots Self Defense is the right product you need regardless of the safety level of where you live. Because of the unpredictability of life where anything can happen, being well prepared to protect yourself makes this product the essential item you need for your self-protection needs.

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