How To Write A Book In 24 Hours Review- Must Read Before You Buy

As writers or aspiring writers, we mostly struggle with finishing up our writing on time. Most times, we will be stuck in one place for days, weeks, or even months. We keep procrastinating till we never get to finish anything up. Most aspiring writers and even experienced writers often find themselves in this situation.

Writing is a skill and for you to become a successful writer, you must possess that writing skill. If you are a writer or an aspiring one, and when you pick your pen and book to put down your thoughts, you often get stuck, probably you are finding it difficult to articulate your thoughts, you seriously need to jump on this train that will help you take your career to a whole new level.

How to Write a Book in 24 Hours is a program that will guide you on how to finish up that book you have been feeling reluctant to complete, within just 24 hours. You do not need to spend your entire life writing a particular book when you can just finish it up within 24 hours and move to other businesses.

If you want to know more about this program, ensure you read this review carefully so as to get enough information about this program before making your decision.

What is How to Write a Book in Less Than 24 Hours Program?

How to Write a Book in Less than 24 Hours is a program that takes you on the process of writing a book in not more than 24 hours. This program reveals to you the secrets which notable writers apply to put out their great books. The program involves a step by step guide on how to improve on your writing skills.

In this program, you will be gaining access to lots of training materials such as:

  • 11 PDF that summarizes each lesson taught.
  • 11 videos tutorials that will help you have a better understanding of the lessons.

Also, you will be given three bonus videos tutorials which cover:

  • Kindle Publishing.
  • How to find a profitable niche.
  • How to prepare your book to be published on kindle.

This training is most suitable for writers whose major focus is nonfiction book, but it can definitely be applied to fiction writings.

Interestingly, the author offers you a Kindle Money Mastery Program which will train you on marketing, publishing, and how to make a profit using Kindle Publishing.

About the author, Stefan Pylarinos

The brain behind this program is Stefan Pylarinos. He is so many things aside from being an author. Stefan Pylarinos is a life coach, an entrepreneur, a professional speaker, and a fitness addict.

Stefan has gained so much experience in writing and publishing, so you just have to expect a professional approach in this program.

What Do You Get From This Program?

When you commence this program, just expect to learn a whole lot because this training is fully packed with awesome topics you would not want to miss. In this training, you will get amazing benefits such as;

  • A 10 step method trick in writing that perfectly works for the author.
  • 11 videos lessons and a PDF summary of each lesson
  • A proper guide on how to write quality books that is suitable for publication on Kindle, Kobo, Nook, or even your website.
  • A detailed guide on the easiest ways to publish your books in the form of hardcopy or paperback.
  • How you can re-ignite your writing fire if you have lost it completely.
  • How to catch the attention of your readers.

How much does the guide cost?

This program costs $17 and it is a onetime payment which automatically gives you access to the member’s area,

There is also a 60 days money back option that allows you to request a refund if the program did not meet your expectation.


  • You will get all the tips and secrets on how to write a book within 24 hours.
  • There are over 11 videos and a PDF summary of each lesson.
  • You gain automatic access to the member’s forum when you make your payment.
  • You will gain access to the customer support service.
  • There are wonderful bonuses that will enable you to become a pro in writing.
  • It has a 60 days money option.


  • You will need to put in your effort if you want good results.
  • The result is a gradual and progressive one. So, do not expect to get instant results.


This program is worth enrolling for because you will be properly trained on how to write high-quality books is not less than 24 hours. You will also be taught how to write and publish books in the form of hard copies and paperback. The author of this book has gained so much mastery in writing and publishing, so you will be trained by the best hands in the writing field.

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