CB University 2.0 Review– Real or Scam, Read Before You Buy.

Almost everyone is into online marketing nowadays because they have discovered that it is very lucrative. Unfortunately, not everyone knows how to navigate through the world of online marketing. Most people are struggling to break the barriers in online marketing.

Online marketing, just like every other field of endeavor, has that code that needs to be cracked for you to succeed. Once that secret code has been broken and the juice is spilled, you will be on the way to making it big. But the sad reality is that, in the world of online marketing, not many have been able to crack that secret code yet. And that is exactly what this review is about to reveal to you. Aren’t you lucky to be reading this right now? CB University is the answer!

Now, what is this CB University? CB University is the most popular and highly sort after course on online marketing. These courses are not just those uninteresting courses you usually come across that lack content, these courses in CB University are top-notch, and they will reveal to you that unique secret code that needs to be cracked in online marketing.

If you want to know more about this CB University, read this review thoroughly to know more about this program.

An overview of CB University.

CB University is a program that lets it all out about online marketing. It covers both product creation and affiliate marketing. The training modules are spread for 12 weeks. Each week, you will be learning a whole new topic about online marketing. Let me give you a sneak pick of what you are going to be learning for 12 weeks under product creation

  •  Finding your perfect product.
  •  creating your avatar
  •  Creating your product and your perfect upsell.
  • sales copy and conversion maximizing
  • making the easy video Sales Letter
  •  Product finishing.
  • Attracting and managing JV relationships.
  • Splitting testing and scaling your success

Also, under Affiliate Marketing, you will have 8 weeks of intensive training. For these 8 weeks, you will learn courses such as

  • Understanding Affiliate Marketing
  • The Ultimate Affiliate Funnel.
  • Writing the Perfect Swipe.
  • The Email Blueprint.
  • Scaling and Expanding.

Again, you will be getting amazing bonuses such as;

  • How to Run Affiliate Promotions.
  • How to sell high Tickets on Webinars.

Another exciting part of this program is the very resourceful toolkit you will get. This toolkit comprises of online videos that train you on some of the tech concepts you will be encountering during the course of your program. This toolkit will be handy for starters who are still new in the business. It will help them get acquainted with the program and the business.


  • This program is broken down into modules, so you will find it very simple and easy to navigate your way through the courses.
  • With the videos and notes, you will find the training very simple to understand. Everything is explained in detail.
  • This program deals with both Affiliate Marketing and Product Creation.
  • There is also a forum in Cb University where you get to meet fellow marketers. In this forum, you will get to share ideas and ask questions on online marketing.
  • The Q and A sessions are available so that even if you miss a particular session, with the Q and A sessions, you will still follow up without feeling left out.
  • It has a 60 days money-back options.


  • The program is in-depth, so for beginners, they might find it a little too much to grasp, but if you take it step by step, it won’t be too much for you.
  • You will be required to renew your membership every month, through a monthly payment. So, for beginners who are cashless, they might find it challenging to meet up.


CB University is a program every online marketer or aspiring marketers should enroll in. With the various training you will be undergoing, you will become an expert in online marketing. The program is straightforward because of the videos and notes that explain everything in detail.

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