Basic Public Speaking Certification Review – what you should know.

Learning the art of public speaking is very necessary in our world today because, at one time or the other, you will find yourself standing in front of a group of people or a very large crowd, speaking to them. When you speak to people, your sole aim is to pass a message and there are essential skills you need to master for your message to be clearly communicated.

This program Basic Public Speaking Certification will help you to understand the act of public speaking. Standing in front of people to speak is hard but getting your message clearly passed is even harder. Most people shy away from speaking because they are scared to speak before a group of people, irrespective of the size.

It is very important that you buy this book, it helps you gain mastery of selling yourself or your ideas through speaking to people. Do not think it is just about talking in front of people, it is way beyond that. I have seen cases where a young walks up to a stage to speak on a particular topic, after talking and talking, he was not able to clearly pass his message across and that was quite embarrassing. If that young man had mastered the art of public speaking, he would have known the right skills to put on stage so as to get his message clearly communicated.

So, do not make that mistake that young man-made. Do not say you do not know how to, because this book is here to teach you all you need to know about public speaking. The essence of this review is to provide you with all the information you need. This review is here to make you see the reasons why you should purchase this book.

Why You Need Basic Public Speaking Certification Program.

You need this program if you want to become a badass, public speaker. If you are the type that normally shy away from speaking to a large crowd of people, or when you stand on that stage to communicate to people, you automatically lose your self-confidence or you feel that your message was not passed at the end of your speech, you need to grab this golden opportunity now.

This book will take you on the step by step guide to the act of public speaking. It will expose you to the various techniques and approaches required to wow your audience and get your message effectively passed.

As earlier mentioned, do not also shy away from this one because you think you are not a public speaker. The truth and reality are that every one of us will at one time stand before a group of people to talk to them. You will not know how important this course is until you find yourself in a situation where the only option you will be faced with is to stand and speak to a group of people, then you begin to regret why you overlooked this kind of program. So, to avoid regretting, pay close attention to this review, so that you can partake in this awesome program.

Who is Dr Steve G. Jones, the creator 24 Months Basic Public Speaking Certification?

Steve G. Jones is the creator of this program. And not just that, he is so many things. Steve is a member of the American Union of NLP, ALA Board of Director Member, a Neuron—Linguistic Programming Master Trainer. a member of the American Board of Hypnotherapy, as well as a professional Public Speaking practitioner.

So, you will not just be trained by anybody, you will be trained by a top-notch public speaker. Steve Jones, knows how to capture the attention of his audience and this particular skill is what he will be teaching you in his book basic Public Speaking Certification.

Why you need to use Basic Public Speaking Certification by Steve Jones.

You should buy this book because you need to master the art of public speaking before you go on that stage. You need to know exactly how to hold your audience spellbound while speaking to them. You need to have at the tip of your fingers that special skills that will help you pass your message across effectively.

This book is not just any book about public speaking you can find randomly, it is carefully written by a well known public speaker, an expert in the public speaking domain. So, be rest assured that you are learning from the best.

Again, the positive review this book has gotten is overwhelming. People who applied the teachings in this book to their public speaking came back to give their testimonies. This book is highly recommended by experts.

So, you have nothing to worry about, because you will get all you need to own the stage in this book, from your body language to the right words you say.

What You Will Find in the Basic Public Speaking Certification Program.

This book contains lots of tutorial videos, up to five guidebooks and you will be taking a professional exam that will earn you a professional certificate.

These instructional videos and guidebooks will provide you with the step by step approach to becoming a professional public speaker. Everything is very detailed and easy to read and understand.

After the program, you will take a professional exam on public speaking. This exam basically covers all that you have learned in the course. At the end of the exam, you will be awarded a professional certificate as evidence of course completion.  

What You Will Learn from Basic Public Speaking Certification Program

In this course, you will learn basic public speaking skills like;

  • How to deliver your speech effectively.
  • Understanding the different kinds of speeches and how to tailor each one to the right audience.
  • How to leave a lasting impression on your audience.
  • How to conquer stage fright and own the stage confidently.

Where can one buy Basic Public Speaking Certification?

You can get this book on the official website,

The Final Verdict

Getting this book is your surest way to gain mastery in the act of public speaking. With videos and guidebooks, you will be a professional in public speaking.


  •  You will be learning from a professional, who have gained so much in the field of public speaking.
  • You will have series of videos and guidebooks that will guide you through out the course.
  • The teachings are very effective when you apply them to your public speaking.
  • There is a 60 days refund policy, where you can request for a refund if you are not satisfied with the content.
  • There are positive reviews about this book that will convince you.


  • You will need to have access to the internet before you can enjoy this program.


This amazing program created by an expert in public speaking is what you need to catch the attention of your audience and get them to listen to what you have to say. It contains lots of videos and guidebooks that will put you through. At the end, you will get a professional certificate after taking your exam. 


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