Attract And Keep Her Review – Real or Scam, Read Before You Buy.

A long time ago, I felt like a loser with no hope of a good relationship. At times, I blamed my society and other times, my upbringing. I thought if my parents gave birth to girls, probably I would have been able to know how to communicate with ladies better.

Now, after four years of a wonderful marriage with someone special, the kind of lady I have always desire. I just felt compelled to share the secret of how I did it to those who fail to attract the kind of lady they want. This secret was written in it’s simple and practical form in an amazing book titled Attract and Keep her.

Attract and Keep her is a self-help book to enhance one’s social skills in a romantic relationship. It makes it easier for you to communicate effectively with girls. You are able to grab their attention and also keep them for the long haul. You no longer have to be anxious or come across to a lady as one who she doesn’t want to be with.a

Personally, I thought there were many things wrong and that’s why I failed previously to attract any lady or keep her. For instance,  I thought, there was a problem with my appearance or how I get so nervous when am around a lady. On the contrary, after reading this helpful book, I had an amazing insight into how I could use these to my advantage to get a girl and have a wonderful relationship with her.

What is ‘Attract and Keep her’ by Jim Wolfe, M.A

For all the quiddity, this is a closer look into the heart of a woman and it can help you gain insight into the following:

  • Chatting mishaps that could ruin your chances with her
  • How to avoid mistakes men do at the beginning of a courtship.
  • How to get a Yes to date when you ask her for one.
  • How to keep a conversation alive by knowing the topics, do’s and don’t of chatting.
  • Steps to take when she ignores your text.
  • Texting: A bait to get her chasing you and spiking her attraction.
  • Increase her interest in you by nurturing the fling

While it seems the book offers quite a lot. This stupendous dating and relationship help book have an effect that is very progressive. The aim of this book is centered upon confidence. It helps one build confidence through various successes in different social conditions.

Yes, it looks like a lot. However, this unique dating and relationship guide has an effective progression. Its main objective is to help you build confidence through different victories in diverse social situations.

It does seem weird? I know it was to me.

Wait, have you ever seen a situation, where a charming lady goes out with someone who you thought, is not right for her? Well, what is it that she likes in the guy? The answer to the question is the guy’s confidence. Even though he is not the ideal person as you thought but because he expresses a level of confidence, he gets the girl.

Now, instead of getting so anxious and doubting whether am good enough, I got some level of confidence with strong support. No one can take that away from me and those close to me like the new me.

How Does Attract and Keep Her Help You Get Your Dream Woman?

Women have great taste in principled men with confidence and effective social skills and Jim Wolfe in this book explains how you can become such a man that these women are attracted to. In addition, he teaches that women as we thought that they are mysterious and complicated are not really what we think and say they are.

At first, it was a little bit weird to me personally. But, to put it succinctly, what this book offers actually went against everything I once thought about women. However, I made a decision to give it a shot and these excerpts were enormously handy for me:

The 8 rules to attract and keep her in love with you for the long haul.

How to become an object of the ladies’ admiration and fascination.

Very importantly, a comprehensive course on healthy relationships and how to maintain it.

Ways to handle complications in relationships.

Attract and Keep her is the consummate self help book to navigate every relationship milestone.

On some occasions, we place more value on what we think things should be, rather that what it is really. This in turn make us face challenges because it’s easier to accept someone than trying to change things in others. Nevertheless, it shouldn’t mean we have to accept what we don’t want. However, we can find what we want and try to make it work

Does the Book Really Make You Stand Out Around Women?

In quiddity, yes. But there are various reasons:

In terms of improvement of oneself in this area, most men don’t improve themselves.

It doesn’t work with false social logic but with people’s ego.

You will be equipped on how to build a better relationship environment

You will understand social roles of the male and female

It shows your current social strength and weaknesses and help you develop them.

On a personal level, a closer look into the guidelines clearly explained in this book gave me insights to things that made me fail in my previous relationships. It was an eye opener. It was necessary to understand that, so I don’t continue to fail.

Once the problem was brought to light, the book deals with these problems by providing practical solutions so as to deal with the problem and avoid failures of the past in a new relationship. This book is focused on helping you not to settle on a relationship that is detrimental to you in the sense that it help you to look out for what is really important in a woman that will make a better and longer relationship. And also share light on the women that we must avoid due to they don’t have what it takes to make a beautiful good relationship.

In essence, you become a pro when you use this book. You will be well equipped and know what steps to make from the moment you say Hi to a lady and you will be able to move to next step if you chooses.

Where you can buy Attract And Keep Her?

To get a copy of Attract And Keep Her, go on the official website,

Final Verdict

Attract And Keep Her teaches you qualities and social skills that you have to improve on, to become an object of attraction. It never integrate fear as instigators to act. With practical applications of the teachings, you can improve your social life. First your relationship with potential partner and then everything else thrive from there.

On a personal level, I once had this notion that couples were more about playing certain roles but there was a paradigm shift to my ideology and now I know it’s more of compromising and negotiating. Things are no longer the same anymore, a lot have changed over the years.

Now, my marriage is wonderful.  I am very confident and able to communicate effectively. Also my social skills have been improved on greatly. I now understand women and am blessed with one called my wife now. You can also have a similar experience. Just click on the link and get a copy of Attract And Keep Her


– Learn things that will yield good results.

Attract and Keep Her will cause a change in your perception on the way you once viewed courting and interactions as well as help you get the result that you desire.

– Real life applicable techniques

What you learn from this book are quite easy to understand and are applicable to your life. No Abstractionism

– The techniques are easy to assimilate and apply

A step-by-step techniques have been created by the author. It serves you as a guide and if follow, it will improve your relationship and social life.

– Learn unique approaches to get desired result.

This book will explain in simple form about two unique methods that will greatly help you. The creation which will help you to attract and keep your desired woman. And the Inception method that makes you an object of admiration that girls begin to chase after you and ultimately glue to you as long as you desire.

– Handle relationship seriously.

Some persons have a vague notion of relationship as they have a fictional idea of relationship. This book help you identify fiction and facts. It helps you identify your flaws in romance that get women bored with you and help you develop a flirting style that get your woman stick with you.


– Not superb for concealed motives

Your individual interests can make it difficult to understand  the real intention of this book.

– Commitment is needed

Developing social skills is a process that require time and practice to develop. So, you will need to hang on a little and there might some awkward moments, until you become good and confident to use them effectively.

– Lack of availability

This is only available as a digital product. Therefore, you need a digital device to access to it.

Summary: Attract And Keep Her is the call to action for any man who hasn’t managed to keep a girl.  In quiddity, it explains to us the difference between our perception of what a relationship should be and what it really is.

Today, love, romance and everything in between have evolved over time. Although, the essence of it all still remains, but now it takes different approach.

With Attract And Keep Her, you’ll learn exactly what to do and how to be a man who attracts women. Then, choose the one you want and keep her.

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