24 Month Social Media Content Plan Review – Must Read Before You Buy

Social media is not just for posting pictures and making videos. One can make cool cash from social media. I used to be among those who just use social media as a playing ground. Then, I would snap and post my lovely pictures and making those snap chat and funny videos. I was really happy at the number of likes and comments I got. It gave me this feeling that I was popular and I was happy about it.

So, I kept posting more pictures and pictures and kept on getting more likes and comments. But, I came across a friend who is into social media content writing and ads. This friend of mine opened my eyes to lots of things I was missing out on. He taught me how I can make money through social media. After such an eye-opening encounter, I regretted wasting time on social media, by posting pictures and getting likes and comments that could not be converted to money. But right after that encounter, I resolved never to use social media for any frivolities again. I went extensively into social media content creating or writing and I have made lots of money from it

 I have so many friends whose businesses are flourishing day by day because they are utilizing social media very well. Now, some of us belong to this category of not utilizing social media properly. Instead, we use social media to engage in things that will not give us financial rewards. Most of us spent our entire day uploading our beautiful pictures on Facebook and Instagram most especially. We end up getting thousands of likes and sweet compliments that delight our hearts but add nothing to our empty pockets.

If I had this opportunity of knowing how to use social media to make money earlier, I would have been smiling to the bank a long time ago. This program under review offers you the rare opportunity of knowing how to design a social media content plan in 24 months. It is very necessary you jump on this because you will be making cool cash from it.

What 24 Month Social Media Content Plan is all about?

This 24 Month Social Media Content Plan is a program that will teach you everything you need to know about creating quality content on social media. You will be exposed to various techniques and strategies that will help you improve on the quality of content you put out on social media.

For about two solid years, this program will provide you with great ideas on how you can generate traffic on your social media page. if social media wasn’t a place to earn legitimate money, this program would not have been there for you to learn from. You will be given ideas on things you should write about and how you can write it.

About Blake Beus – The Creator

the creator or designer of this program is Blake Beus. As an entrepreneur, he has used social media to grow his business, which is why he wants to teach people the secret of utilizing social media to their favor.

He has used his top marketing skills to carve a niche for himself in the industry. He is known for helping people grow their business through social media.

How this 24 Month Social Media Content Plan Really Work.

First of all, this program runs for 24 months, and throughout these months, you will be taught how to create quality content on social media to make profits. You will be taught several marketing strategies, that will greatly help you to grow your business as well as your online presence.

In this book, you will be provided with a series of videos that will make you understand the strategies and techniques involved in creating great content on social media. The video will give you proper guidelines so that you can understand the program better.

The contents that will be provided for you in this program is of high quality and very reliable.

Why you should Choose the 24 Month Social Media Content Plan.

This program has lots of mouth watery benefits.

Firstly, it will help you grow your online presence. Most people are online, but they are not active. The majority of us are not using our online presence to our own advantage. This book will help you to be well known, thereby making you become a brand name everyone knows.

Secondly, through this program, you will learn an effective way to grow your business via social media. You can agree with me that many people have moved their social media online and they are seriously cashing out. Online business is the real deal now. If you have any business you are doing or you want to do and you want to attract customers or potential buyers, this book will help you achieve that.

Also.  this book will create New Opportunities for you. When you succeed in establishing yourself on social media, you will find out your network will expand. This book will create room for you to meet people and grow your network. As your network is expanding, new business opportunities will keep coming your way.

What Comes with the 24 Month Social Media Content Plan?

This program comes with a lot of packages that will help you to understand the course. This course contains;

MOTIVATIONAL QUOTES that you can post to generate traffic on your wall. These posts are inspiring and sometimes funny.

You will be getting Google sheets and Microsoft Excel files so that whenever you like, you can edit them and write them into them.

You will also get interesting and engaging questions you can post on your social media page so as to attract comments and likes, thereby increasing your online presence.

Again, you will get a video that will serve as a guide to you. This video contains detailed steps on creating content on social media.

Aside from the above-mentioned packages, you will also be getting posts on local and international events, such as children’s day, democracy day, independent day, etc

As a bonus, you will be receiving  PRINTABLE PDF FILES. You can print these files and work on creating your own content using those printed files.

What you stand to gain by Using 24 Month Social Media Content Plan.

By using this 24 Month Social Media Content Plan, you will get numerous benefits like;

  • Earning more cash.
  • Becoming a successful Entrepreneur.
  • Getting your money refunded back to you if you are not satisfied with the course content. This refund policy lasts for two months.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does the 24 Month Social Media Content Plan Cost?

To purchase this book, you will need to pay $48. Remember this program lasts for 24 months, and you will be getting quality content.

Can everyone take this course?

Yes. If you are interested in growing your online business or you want to start up a business, then this program is what you need.

Is this program effective?

Yes it is. This program has been proven to be very effective..


If you are a business owner or making plans to set up your business, this program is perfect for you. 24 Month Social Media Content Plan is a very comprehensive course that will put you through on how you can grow your online presence as well as your business, thereby creating new opportunities for you and expanding your network.


  • This program will help you grow your online presence.
  • You will be making lots of profits than before.
  • With the video tutorials, it will be very easy to grasp the content.
  • There is a money-back option.
  • It will assist you in creating contents for 24 months
  • You will have printable pdf files and editable sheets you can work with.


  • The price is a little on the high side but when you consider the quality content you will be getting, you will agree with me that, the price is worth is.
  • It might take a little longer before you start seeing results.


With this program, your business will grow geometrically and you will be counting your millions. You will have new opportunities and your network will greatly expand.

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