101 Toxic Food Ingredients Review – – Must Read Before You Buy!

When you look around you, you will discover that the rate at which people suffer from terminal diseases such as cancer, kidney problem, heart failure, liver diseases etc is on the increase. People get to suffer these diseases at a very young age, which should not be. This makes one begin to wonder what the problem is. Research has shown that most of these ingredients we use in cooking our food are very harmful to our body. These ingredients cause damage to our body organs, thereby causing diseases. 

This book by Anthony Alayon carefully explored those ingredients that are toxic to our system. I am very certain most of us are familiar with some of the ingredients outlined in this book.

So, if you are a foodie or you love cooking with so many ingredients so as to make the food tasty, you really should get this book, sit down and read it carefully. This will go a long way in enlightening you on the dangers of using some of your favorite ingredients.

For some that will doubt the truism in this book, it is worthy to note that Anthony Alayon is a nutritionist and a fitness coach. So, all you will be reading in this book is coming from a health and nutrition expert, who knows his onions. 

This book the 101 Toxic Food Ingredients is a program that is associated with a brand called truth about Food Ingredients. Also, coming along with this book is an online tool referred to as Toxifacts, which also has to do with healthy eating. This review will let you in on all you need to know about this wonderful book before you purchase it. 

If you are the type that love ‘’processed’’ or ‘’packaged’’ foods, it is high time you had a rethink because most of these packaged or ‘’fast’’ foods are not healthy for us at all. Most of them are toxic to our body. You are advised to take more of natural or organic foods for nutritional benefits.

 101 Toxic Food Ingredients by Anthony Alayon, what it is all about.

This book as stated earlier is written by a fitness coach, nutritionist and personal trainer in the name of Anthony Alayon. As a fitness expert, he created this program so that his clients can be abreast on what they should and should not avoid  so as to live a healthy life.

This book comes with an online tool that gives you all the information you need on any ingredients you wish to know about.  Wow, that is attractive! This online tool known as Toxifact  can also be called the only toxic food decoder worldwide. .

Also, there is an online tool that will come along with Toxifact and this online tool is known as Taximeter. This tool is a toxic ingredients dictator. Oh yes, you read correctly. It will help know which ingredient to use and which one to stay away from, for your health sake.

Now, that is not all, you will be getting lots of bonuses as a customer. These bonuses include comprehensive reports on the foods and ingredients you use. With this, you will be will equipped on how to live healthy, through eating healthy foods.

How real is this 101 Toxic Food Ingredients by Anthony Alayon? 

No way, this can never be a scam. The designer of this program is a professional in his field. So, he developed this program based on his research and findings, which are very true. The positive reviews we are getting from the beneficiaries of this program should be more convincing.

Before this program, I am sure you must have heard that some foods and ingredients we put in our body are actually toxic to our system. So, hearing this information again, this time, from an expert, does not sound like a scam to me. 

You should really get interested in this book because it will teach you so many things that you do not know about, concerning the foods we consume on daily. 

Again, with all the online tools, together with the bonuses that will come with this book, you will be well equipped with adequate and proper information on all your foods and ingredients. Now, this is not something you should miss. Like the saying goes INFORMATION IS POWER.

The Three Bonuses

The bonuses you will be getting in this program are all detailed reports on the ingredients that are harmful or safe for us to consume. We are going to give a brief overview of the three bonuses. Let us take a look at them.

The first bonus is a report titled Truth about Artificial sweeteners. From the name you can guess what it is all about. In addition, it contains all the foods that have these harmful sweeteners, so that we will completely avoid them. 

The second bonus is a detailed report concerning the artificial flavors and coloring we constantly use that are harmful to our body.

Lastly, the third bonus is a report titled The Truth about Food Additives. Now, this report enlightens us on the additives being added to the food and water we eat and drink respectively that cause health problem to us. In this report we are been advised to shun all kinds of drinks and junks and resort to taking more of natural water and food. 

Where can one get The ToxiFact Tool & Truth About Food Ingredients?

You can get the Toxicfact Tool & Truth About Food Ingredients on the official website, http://101toxicfoodingredients.com.

Health is wealth. Eating healthy foods and using non toxic ingredients is your passport to living a healthy life. This book with all its packages and bonuses is what everyone needs, especially in this era where ‘processed’’ foods and junks are on the alarming rate. This book by Anthony Alayon has a lot to reveal to us about toxic ingredients and how best to avoid them. This book is a must have.


• This program is not a stressful. You will go through it comfortably.

• It is your gateway to a healthy life

• it has bonuses that are fully loaded with vital information about the foods we consume.

• it provides you with a comprehensive information on all kinds of foods and ingredients.

In conclusion, do not say you are not informed, because when your health comes crashing, you will not only put yourself in pain, your loved ones will equally be in pains and agony. Do yourself a favor by getting this book, so that you can stay healthy.

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